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young lloyd

Lloyd Hopkins


Lloyd Hopkins, an organizational leader with extensive experience in community and nonprofit work, has always been committed to the advancement of K-12 education in Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. With his education and passion for ensuring quality education for all, he launched the Million Dollar Teacher Project in 2016. Lloyd also serves as the Chair of Real Engagement through Active Philanthropy, a fund under the AZ Community Foundation to make a positive impact on African-American Youth.

“Unfortunately, I never had a teacher who took me under their wing or helped me feel special as a kid.  One of the reasons I launched this organization is for that very reason.  No student should leave the education system without a minimum, of one amazing teacher story.”

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young jen

Jennifer Morales

Teacher Recognition Coordinator

“One of my favorite teachers was also my junior high and high school field hockey coach. He was so down-to-Earth, motivational, made training and learning fun, and most importantly, he truly cared for his players. You could ask him about any one of his players, and he could retell a beautiful story of an amazing play or goal that that player made or scored. He could do that because he got to know each of his players and cared for their personal and athletic development.”

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Young Alejandra

Alejandra Huerta

Teacher Compensation Strategist

“My favorite teacher is Vanessa at Kino School. She is innovative, patient, and dedicated to her school and students, as an educator and as a leader.”

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Michelle LLC

Teacher Support Coordinator

“Who was/is my favorite teacher? Maura King was my High School English teacher. She demanded I didn’t allow the beliefs and limitations of others to dictate what I could and could not do. With her encouragement, I didn’t allow my difficulties experienced with dyslexia to keep me from being a columnist for the local newspaper or the school’s chief newspaper /yearbook editor. Because of her, I have been published over 20 times.  She also, almost 30 years later, wrote me a letter of recommendation to ensure that I got the services I needed to graduate from the University of Arizona in 2022. She has supported me for a lifetime, and for that, I am beyond grateful.”

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Young Cally

Cally Mask

Executive Assistant

“There had been two teachers that have truly impacted my growth and future. My favorite middle school was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Wojcicki. At the end of every day, she read the Judy Blume series to the class in an animated voice that made reading so much fun. Today, she is the principal of my primary school and to me that shows her love and passion for her school community. My high school English teacher Mrs. Palacios is my favorite teacher because of the genuine support. Mrs. Palacios was always there for me, even after school hours. Thank you both for shaping my education and future!”

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