The Million Dollar Story

Lloyd Hopkins is the Executive Director and Founder of Million Dollar Teacher Project, an organization aimed at increasing support for teachers inside and outside of the classroom, raising the profile of highly effective teachers and drastically improving teacher compensation to bring the teaching profession to the prestigious level it deserves so ALL students are able to receive excellent instruction every day.  Lloyd has worked in and around the education system in varied capacities.  He has worked with youth offenders, dropout prevention and ran after-school recreation programs.  But, it was his time spent as a Teaching Assistant in the Alhambra School District that impacted him the most.  The combination of these experiences led to the creation of MDTP because he recognized that if we truly want to help students reach their full potential we must have amazing educators in every classroom.

The Problem

Why It’s Time To Wake Up


Teachers cite lack of support as the top reason they choose to leave the profession. We strive to engage the community to support teachers through partnerships, classroom support teams and other community-focused strategies.



Teaching is largely a thankless job. Schools statewide have reported teachers feeling a lack of professional support, and underappreciation has adversely affected teacher retention and recruitment. Every time a school loses a skilled teacher students suffer, and student-teacher relationships greatly affect the success of students. This is why we have made it our focus to improve these interactions through promoting teacher appreciation and recognition.



Nationally teacher salaries are dramatically lower than other professions. We want to raise the profile of highly effective teachers by drastically improving teacher compensation to bring the profession to the prestigious level it deserves so teaching becomes the destination rather than an afterthought.

Our Mission

Elevate the teaching profession through increased recognition, compensation and support


Increased Teacher Compensation

We are creating programming and solutions to radically increase teacher compensation in sustainable ways that are not connected to state funding, property taxes or tax credits.  We want to develop new revenue generating methods to inject new revenue streams in to the education system.

Increase Teacher Recognition

We are creating programming to bridge the relationship between the community and schools to show teachers they are appreciated and valued..  We conduct events like our Take a Teacher to Lunch program and our  #Teacherthankyounotes social media campaign.


Increased Support For Teachers

We actively create solutions to increase the teachers ability to positively impact students in their classrooms.  One of those strategies is our Classroom Support Team Program or CST.  Through the CST we surround the teacher with a team to increase their opportunities for differentiated and diversified instruction in the classroom.

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