In Teachers We Trust

In Teachers We Trust Endowment

The In Teachers We Trust Fund was established in 2023 in honor and respect of our Founder Lloyd Hopkins and his vision of providing financial support to the teaching profession through multiple approaches. This endowment fund will be used for:

1. Scholarships for documented and undocumented students who are looking to become teachers.
2. Scholarships for current teachers looking to further their education through schooling, training or certification.
3. Emergency financial assistance for teachers experiencing hardships.
4. Teacher debt relief (student loans, bills, etc.)
5. Financial awards for teacher excellence
6. Grants to schools & districts to boost their teacher compensation and support MDTP programming on their campuses
7. Grants to organizations and individuals doing work to support teachers in varied ways
8. Support MDTP operations and associated program costs
9. Basic needs assistance to students identified by teachers

How Does It Work?

The fund is contributed to by many gracious donors and supporters of teachers and the work that they do for our communities. When the endowment fund has reached giving capacity, there will be an application process for teachers to access the funds according to their personal, educational, or classroom needs & aspirations.

What is The Impact In The Community?

Our goal is to raise 10 million dollars to support our grant giving. Though still building capacity, the vision for this fund is to be a sustainable source of support for teachers and their endeavors so that their classrooms and students can reap the benefits of a well-supported and compensated teaching force.

Ready to help us reach our goal?

Support the work that Million Dollar Teacher Project does to directly impact teachers in Arizona by becoming one of our gracious donors. To invest or schedule a donation, click below.

Applications coming soon to apply for grants.