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A study by Galllup, In 2017, indicated that 29% of teachers acknowledge being recognized for their work.  Teachers do one of the most important jobs in society and they should be celebrity far more often, if not everyday!  Our goal is to turn celebrating and recognizing teachers into a year round, sustained effort.  To achieve this we create community-centered programming to increase professional respect for educators and to improve how they are recognized on an ongoing basis.  Two of those strategies are our Take a Teacher to Lunch and One in a Million Programs, through which we have already recognized thousands of teachers.

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The current delivery of instruction model (1 teacher in front of 30 or more students) has not been innovated in around 100 years.  What system would we allow to stay the say for 100 years?  Million Dollar Teacher Project creates programming to drive more support and resources directly into classrooms to increase teachers capacity to effectively serve their students, improve student achievement and boost teachers feelings of fulfillment in the profession.  This is what led to the creation of our Classroom Support Team and Million Dollar Teacher Tree programs that directly impact classrooms.  You can help us expand these solutions and create more through your donation.

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The key to any innovation, and to successfully change a system, is sustainability. As MDTP grows, we want our capacity to impact teacher compensation in creative ways to grow with us. To achieve this, we have created programs like our T.A.P. initiative where we partner with businesses to offer meaningful discounts on good and services to educators, or our Teacher Return on Investment project where we are examining the economic impact of quality teachers. Through your donation here, you are contributing towards helping us to strengthen these programs we have designed and are other approaches we are designing to help teacher’s compensation improve in a sustainable way.

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There are many ways to donate and contribute to the growth of the impact of the work of MDTP, one way you can contribute outside of giving your time and money, is to donate appreciated stock.  There are many benefits to donating stocks, two key benefits are that if you itemize deductions, you can claim a charitable deduction equal to the stock’s fair market value, and you can avoid the capital gains tax you’d pay if you sold the stock.  You can read a great article on donating stock from by clicking here.  If you would like to make a donation of appreciated stock please click the button below for instructions on how to initiate the transfer.

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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Law (A.R.S 43-1088), you may receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state income taxes, for up to $400.00 for individuals or $800.00 for married couples filing jointly. Click here for more information from Arizona Department of Revenue website.  QCO code: 21040 (Donors will be asked to provide this code when taking the tax credit on their income tax return).  Please, you should consult with your tax professional for complete details.


In Teachers We Trust


A fund created by Million Dollar Teacher Project in honor of our Founder Lloyd Hopkins. A portion of every donation made here will go towards offering scholarships to teachers looking to further their education or individuals looking to enter the teaching profession, offer emergency assistance to teachers experiencing hardships, teacher debt relief, offering field trip grants to teachers who have an educational experience they would like to take their students on but can’t afford, financial awards for teacher excellence, grants to individuals/organizations doing effective work to support teachers in varied ways, basic needs assistant to students/families identified by teachers who may have encountered struggles in their lives that are preventing academic achievement, grants to schools/districts to boost their teacher compensation and support MDTP programming on their campuses.

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