CST Teacher Assistant Planner

Class Room Support
Teacher Assistant

  1. Meet with the teacher to learn the teacher’s teaching style, classroom management techniques, rules and what is expected of you. Ask your teacher to “model” how they would like you to interact with students
  2. Takes notes on what is expected of you and what you learn in the meeting with the teacher.
  3. Learn the curriculum so you will be familiar with the lessons covered by the students.
  4. Continually observe and be aware of the activities in the classroom to see how you can help the teacher and/or the students. When you see something that needs to be done, take the initiative and do it.
  5. Get to know the students. Learn their names and their learning strengths and weaknesses. Have open communication with them so you can support them in the areas they need help.
  6. Be flexible/adaptable and able to change as needed to meet the teacher’s or students’ needs.
  7. Offer to check homework, grade papers and enter the grades into the grading system.
  8. Offer to gather and organize materials needed for student assignments/ projects.
  9. Ask to help with parent communications, either through phone calls or email.
  10. Offer to help with the calendar or scheduling of events.
  11. Tidy the classroom and offer to organize areas for the teacher.
  12. Offer to work with individual students who need extra support.
  13. Offer to work with groups of students to review concepts or prepare for tests.
  14. Offer to help with bulletin boards and displays of children’s work.
  15. Be a role model for the students, exhibiting respect for the teacher and good behavior in the classroom.
  16. Be classroom and student focused!