Teacher Support Intern

The Teacher Support Intern plays a vital role at Million Dollar Teacher Project. As the Teacher Support Intern, you will gain firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of a classroom and the education system.  You will also develop professional communication and managerial skills. By the end of the semester, the Teacher Support Intern will have acquired both hard and soft skills that will appeal to employers of any sector. 

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One in a Million: Jonathan Uko


One In A Million: Jonathan Uko


School: Champion Schools – South Mountain
Grade: 5th Grade, Math and Science

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One in a Million: Edee Sands


Name: Edee Sands

School: R.E. Simpson School

Grade: 6-8 ART/ EL

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One in a Million: Tori Danielle Thompson

Name: Tori Danielle Thompson                      

School: R. E. Simpson School             

Grade: 5th-8thMusic/Band

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One in a Million: Aran Kelly

One In A Million Feature Questions

Name: Aran Kelly

School: Alhambra High School

Grade:  9-12

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One in a Million: Debbie Kunes

Name: Debbie Kunes
School: Phoenix Coding Academy
Grade: 9 & 11

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One in a Million: Monica Baird

Name: Monica Baird

Granada East

5/6th Special Education

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One in a Million: Maria Madrigal

Name: Maria Madrigal

School: Granada Primary

Grade: 3

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One in a Million: Holly Purcell

Name: Holly Purtell

School: Maryvale High School

Grade: Senior English

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One in a Million: Amy Ball

How long have you been a teacher?
I moved to Arizona just a few days after graduating from the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University, and immediately began my education career. I’m currently in my 12th year in the profession, the entirety of which has been spent teaching in a kindergarten classroom.

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